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Dog Bites

A dog owner has a strict duty, under the law, to keep his animal under control at all times. The owner is absolutely liable for injuries caused by a dog bite. The biggest damage from a dog bite is a disfiguring scar.

Long after the animal attacks, the victim carries a disfiguring scar as a reminder of the attack. The pain, suffering, and emotional distress caused by this incident are life changing. The dog bite victim is owed money damages for these injuries as well as payment of medical expenses.

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Independent Medical Exams


At some point, in your case, the insurance company will have you examined by a doctorof their choice. This exam is an Independent Medical Examination or IME. This is the insurance company’s chance to try to level the playing field. Nine times out of ten, the IME doctor will minimize or deny your injuries. The insurance company has long established relationships with the IME doctor. This physician is very well paid for a short exam; the result is overwhelmingly pro insurance company. There are some insurance company doctors who almost never find that the employee is injured!

The Workers’ Compensation Court considers all the factors in evaluating the Independent Medical Examination (IME): What are the findings on examination, are there any objective findings on the MRI, the past medical history, and more. The (IME) is an opportunity for the insurance company to stop paying benefits on your case.

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Work Comp Benefits


One of the questions I hear most often is what type of benefits are available in Workers’ Compensation?

Temporary Total Disability – TTD
The first benefit is called Temporary Total Disability or TTD. This benefit pays for loss of wages if the injured employee missed work. TTD pays two thirds of the employee’s average weekly wage. Ifthe employee earns $700.00 per/week, TTD is $462.00 per/week. (2/3rds of 700). The injured worker gets paid TTD wage loss if the employer can not fine the employee lite duty work. The employee receives TTD until they reach 90 days past “maximum medical improvement,” which is usually about 15 months after the injury.

Temporary Partial Disability – TPD
The second benefit of workers’ compensation benefits is Temporary Partial Disability or TPD. This benefit pays the employee if the injured worker can no longer do the original work, and earns less on a new job. Ifthe employee earned ($700.00) on the injury job, and has to get a new job that’s easier to perform, but pays less, the employer must pay TPD. For example, if the original injury job paid ($700.00 per/week) and the new easier job pays $450.00 per/week, the difference is $250.00. The employer must pay the employee 2/3rds of $250.00 per/week or $165.00. The employee can receive TPD for a maximum of 225 weeks or 4.25 years. The employee is potentially owed 225 weeks of benefits or $37,125.00.

Workers’ Compensation is primarily driven by these two forms of wage loss – TTD and TPD. Many insurance companies will attempt to cash out the employee by offering them a lump sum cash settlement, rather than paying long term wage loss benefits.

Unlike an auto accident case, Workers’ Compensation does not pay for pain and suffering. How does the employee get paid for the injury? The employee gets paid a percentage of disability for the permanent injury. For example, a herniated disc to the low back is rated at 7.5% permanent partial disability. The injured employee receives approximately $5,000.00 dollars for a 7.5% PPD.

The injured employee may also be eligible to receive retraining benefits by going to school, and while the employee is going to school, the insurer has to pay the employee wage loss, or TTD. These are just a few of the benefits available to an injured employee.

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Work Comp Claims

Successful Work Comp Claim

I want to share a case histroy with you about a successful Workers Compensation Claim.

I recently settled a work comp case for $125,000.00! How did that happen? I respresnt a 51 year old union construction worker who drove a bobcat for 30 years. He injured his neck doing heavy lifting at work. He was diagnised with a herniated disc in the neck with nerve entrapment. To relieve pressure on the neck, he underwent a neck fusion. He was a few years short of receiving his full pension benefits, so he needed to continue working. But, because of the severe neck injury he could not do the heavy lifting he performed for more than a generation.

The employer, a big construction firm, could not find any light duty work for him so he engaged in extensive job searches. But the job search for light work did not work: He lacked the necessary education, a degree from a tech school. When the insurance company resisted paying for retraining, he took the bull by the horns and put himself in tech school. He had not been in school for 30 years! Suddenly Mr. O found himself in school with kids half his age. Mr. O previous did a better job of aptitude tests and performed real well. His actual school performance was also fantastic getting straight A’s.

The case was at a crossroad because the rehabilitation consultant consultant on his case recommended a comprehensive retraining plan at a local vocational technical school. The plan was for Mr. O to get a 3 year degree in construction management to do the same type of work that he had been doing but more management and less lifting. This schooling is expensive. The retraining plan cost was over $150,000.00.

The Work Comp insurer would not voluntarily pay for retraining because of the extensive cost involved. If we succeeded at a hearing they would have to pay both for the degree program and pay him for workers comp lost wages. The insurer and their attorney agreed to mediate the case. Before the mediation I met with Mr. O and we agreed on an acceptable setllement firgure of $125,000.00. At mediation the insurer finally agreed to pay $125,000.00 after a lot of back and forth negotiation.

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