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Work Comp Benefits


One of the questions I hear most often is what type of benefits are available in Workers’ Compensation?

Temporary Total Disability – TTD
The first benefit is called Temporary Total Disability or TTD. This benefit pays for loss of wages if the injured employee missed work. TTD pays two thirds of the employee’s average weekly wage. Ifthe employee earns $700.00 per/week, TTD is $462.00 per/week. (2/3rds of 700). The injured worker gets paid TTD wage loss if the employer can not fine the employee lite duty work. The employee receives TTD until they reach 90 days past “maximum medical improvement,” which is usually about 15 months after the injury.

Temporary Partial Disability – TPD
The second benefit of workers’ compensation benefits is Temporary Partial Disability or TPD. This benefit pays the employee if the injured worker can no longer do the original work, and earns less on a new job. Ifthe employee earned ($700.00) on the injury job, and has to get a new job that’s easier to perform, but pays less, the employer must pay TPD. For example, if the original injury job paid ($700.00 per/week) and the new easier job pays $450.00 per/week, the difference is $250.00. The employer must pay the employee 2/3rds of $250.00 per/week or $165.00. The employee can receive TPD for a maximum of 225 weeks or 4.25 years. The employee is potentially owed 225 weeks of benefits or $37,125.00.

Workers’ Compensation is primarily driven by these two forms of wage loss – TTD and TPD. Many insurance companies will attempt to cash out the employee by offering them a lump sum cash settlement, rather than paying long term wage loss benefits.

Unlike an auto accident case, Workers’ Compensation does not pay for pain and suffering. How does the employee get paid for the injury? The employee gets paid a percentage of disability for the permanent injury. For example, a herniated disc to the low back is rated at 7.5% permanent partial disability. The injured employee receives approximately $5,000.00 dollars for a 7.5% PPD.

The injured employee may also be eligible to receive retraining benefits by going to school, and while the employee is going to school, the insurer has to pay the employee wage loss, or TTD. These are just a few of the benefits available to an injured employee.

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